Wyoming's NCLB Numbers Unclear

Cheyenne, Wy – The number of Wyoming schools coming up
short under the No Child Left Behind Act declined this year.
But whether that reflects real improvement or a new standardized
test is an open question.
Figures released today (Friday) show that 57 schools in Wyoming
didn't make "adequate yearly progress" since last year, as is
required under No Child Left Behind. That's down from 74 schools
last year.
But as of this year, progress is based on the new PAWS
standardized test. The state's previous standardized test was the
WyCAS, which has been retired.
Alan Moore is a University of Wyoming associate professor who is
studying the PAWS. He says it will take at least another year of
the PAWS testing to determine whether Wyoming schools are making
sufficient progress.
He says the PAWS results can't be directly compared to results
from the WyCAS.
Schools that don't make enough progress for three years in a row
face sanctions, such as having to tutor at-risk students.