Wyoming's Niobrara shale is producing less than hoped

Nov 1, 2011

Wells drilled in the Wyoming part of the Niobrara Shale are producing less than half the amount of oil that wells in Colorado are producing. That’s according to Wyoming Oil and Gas Supervisor Tom Doll, who discussed the matter with lawmakers late last week.  However, Bruce Hinchey of the Petroleum Association of Wyoming isn’t discouraged. He said the eastern Wyoming drilling site has a lot of potential –they just have to figure out exactly how to tap into it.  “It’s not a play where you just go out and punch a hole and you’ve got a big oil well. You have to do your homework, and that’s what’s occurring at this point.”  Hinchey said that seismic mapping, which uses seismic energy and recording equipment to create underground maps of shale formations, will help developers figure out where to drill.