Wyoming's Retirement System Shows Improved Outlook

Jun 18, 2014

After meeting with its actuaries, the Wyoming Retirement System learned it’s doing better than expected. That’s thanks to the legislature’s increases to the state’s contributions to the fund, and investment returns that came in above projections.  Executive Director Ruth Ryerson says the long term outlook for the retirement fund is excellent.

“Pretty much, every plan is projected in 30 years or less to be 100 percent funded.  And that’s the goal.  That means you have every dollar you need to meet every liability you have.”

Ryerson says of the seven pension plans that are part of the Wyoming Retirement System, the judicial plan is in the best shape at 100 percent funding right now.  But the plan for salaried firefighters will run out of money in 15 years.  It’s a plan for people already in retirement.  The legislature will look into funding sources for it next year.