Wyoming's snowpack running low

Apr 3, 2012

Wyoming is reporting much less snowpack this year than last, which could make for a dry summer.

Lee Hackleman is the state’s Water Supply Specialist. He says Wyoming’s snowpack is onethird less than normalthis year.

"It’s hard to believe how much it’s dropped in the last couple of weeks," he says. "No snowstorms and warm temperatures, and we’re supposed to be getting a lot of snowstorms this time of year. So if you don’t get any and then it’s extra warm, too, just the combination of the two makes it really drop."

Hacklemansays Wyoming would need a very cool, wet April to replenish snowpack. "Last year we were 116% (snowpack), so we’re roughly about half of what we were last year at this time. But this snowpack we got now is more reminiscent of our drought years, 2003-2004, so I hope we get some snowstorms so we can come back out of this," says Hackleman. He says the good news for residents living below reservoirs is that they remain fairly full.