Wyoming's Wolf Hunt Begins

Oct 1, 2012

Wyoming’s first regulated wolf hunt begins today. 

As of Friday, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department sold over 22 hundred wolf licenses.  Park County led the sales.  Park County Commissioner Joe Tilden told the Big Horn Radio Network is pleased that the hunt is finally moving forward. 

“When the wolf was first introduced into the state of Wyoming they decided on recovery goals and those recovery goals have been surpassed since 2002 I think.  So we are still sitting here with wolves listed.  It’s just like has happened with Grizzly Bears in the past.  The goalposts just keep being moved down the field and it seems like you can never score a touchdown.”

Tilden says wolves are here to stay, but they need to be managed like any other animal.  Under Wyoming's plan, wolves outside of regulated areas may be shot on sight.   A number of conservation groups strongly oppose that portion of the plan and say they plan to sue.  But they cannot challenge the U-S Fish and Wildlife service's decision on the rule until November.