Wyomng ACLU says UW needs to re-think approach

Casper, Wy – The controversy over William Ayers' visit to the University of Wyoming is likely to linger beyond his appearance in Laramie. A group called Wyoming Students for Free Speech has formed in response to U-W's handling of the situation. And the A-C-L-U's Jennifer Horvath says the university's justification for barring Ayers' appearance raises questions about U-W's basic mission. Horvath attended the hearing in Casper, where University President Tom Buchanan and others took the stand yesterday (on Monday.)
"On more than one occasion, one of the trustees and Mr. Buchanan said, "our top priority was to keep the students safe." Obviously keeping students safe is very important. But the top priority should be providing an education." UW President Tom Buchanan claimed that security concerns were the University's reason for trying to keep Ayers from speaking on campus. However, the Laramie police chief testified that the university never contacted the police department about receiving threats of violence.