WY's Rate of Imprisonment Slowing Down

Washington, D.C. – Wyoming's prison population continues to
increase but the rate of incarceration has been slowing in recent years.
According to a study by the Department of Justice, Wyoming had the ninth-highest percentage increase in its prison population of any state from mid-2004 to mid-2005.
Wyoming's prison population increased by 5-point-4 percent from mid-2004 to mid-2005, the report states. There were 2,026 prisoners under state jurisdiction on June 30, 2005, up from 1,923 prisoners on the same date in 2004.
The 5-point-4 percent rate of increase is slower than in recent years. From 2003 to 2004, the state's prison population increased by 6-point-3 percent. And from 2002 to 2003, the number of inmates increased by 7.8 percent, the fourth-fastest increase in the nation
at that time.
The Wyoming Department of Corrections is planning to construct a
new prison in Torrington to accommodate the increasing prison population and to allow the state to bring inmates who have been housed elsewhere on contract back to Wyoming.