WY's Roadless Debate Draws in More States

Cheyenne, WY – Wyoming's attempt to overturn a
Clinton-era ban on logging and other development on millions of acres of federal forests nationwide is attracting opposition from other states who say the ban should stay. California, Montana, New Mexico and Oregon have filed papers in
federal court in Cheyenne, Wyoming, arguing that the Clinton roadless rule should remain in effect, at least outside the boundaries of Wyoming. Environmental groups are also opposing Wyoming's position. U-S District Judge Clarence Brimmer is handling the case in which Wyoming is charging that the Clinton rule is improper and should be overturned. Brimmer sided with the state in a similar case in 2003. However, the federal appeals court in Denver never ruled on an appeal of Brimmer's ruling by environmentalist groups because the Bush administration issued a new roadless rule. Another federal judge in California recently tossed out the Bush rule, so Wyoming is again fighting the Clinton rule in Brimmer's court.