Yellowstone Eruption Not Imminent

Laramie, Wy – This weekend the Discovery television channel dramatized a catastrophic volcanic eruption at Yellowstone National Park. Research geologist Lisa Morgan, studies volcanic activity at the Park and says the film was interesting but she worries people might be scared off by the idea that Yellowstone could erupt. She says all of their monitoring shows that a major eruption is not likely to happen and the next major eruption is probably two million years away and won't even happen in what is now Yellowstone National Park.
Morgan says it would not happen in the Park because the North American plate is moving. So, by the time it is ready to erupt again the phenomenon that created a volcano in Yellowstone will have moved towards Billings, Montana.
Morgan says it is possible Yellowstone will some day see some volcanic activity similar to Hawaii. She says that would involve lava flow but no violent eruption.