Yellowstone Seeks Public Comment For UNESCO

Jan 6, 2012

Officials at Yellowstone National Park are seeking public comment on a draft report about threats the park is facing, as well as progress made addressing those threats.

The report was prompted by the UN's World Heritage Committee after the park became a UNESCO world heritage site in 1978.

Al Nash is a spokesperson for Yellowstone. He says the World Heritage Committee put the park on its list of endangered places in 1095, when a plan to mine gold in an area adjacent to the park was to resume… but, when that plan was scrapped, Yellowstone was removed from the list.

However, Nash says because the park was listed as threatened, officials must now file reports to show that area continues to remain safe.

"So that and other actions prompted UNESCO to remove Yellowstone from the world heritage endangered list," says Nash. "But they have asked us to provide them regular updates on efforts we’re taking to protect the things that make Yellowstone special."

The report is available for public comment until January 30th.