Zero Fish Advisories in Wyoming

Lararmie, Wy – The federal Environmental Protection Agency put out its list of fish advisories Tuesday. Basically these are warnings for anglers telling them where fish have elevated concentrations of chemicals or dioxins. Each state has flexibility in setting its criteria for this and Wyoming is reporting zero advisories. The Game and Fish Department's Aquatic Habitat Program Manager, Steve Wolff, says they just have not found high levels of any contaminate, though mercury has turned up in a few Wyoming fish.
Wolf says they have tested for other chemicals but they focus on mercury because he says it is the most dangerous.
Wolff, says Montana issued an advisory for fish from the Big Horn Reservoir. That reservoir sits on northern border of the Cowboy State, but Wolf says Wyoming doesn't issue an advisory because it has done tests there, but the results were not serious enough to put an advisory out. He says they will continue to monitor fish from the reservoir.
The Wyoming Department of Health is also involved in ruling whether or not a fish advisory should be put in place.