Zwonitzer running for Cubin's seat

Laramie, WY – Cheyenne legislator Dan Zwonitzer says if he were elected to the U.S. Congress, he would work to restore the fiscal conservatism once associated with the Republican Party.

Zwonitzer officially launched his campaign Tuesday to replace Barbara Cubin in the U.S. House. He says he wants to work on balancing the federal budget, and one way to do that is to reduce funding for the Iraq War: "I don't favor getting out immediately, but some type of slow, phased-in approach that will be decreasing troop numbers...we're not going to leave immediately, but nor are we going to occupy them for decades to come."

Among Zwonitzer's priorities are stopping illegal immigration, in part by providing visas to certain immigrants, expanding health care using free-market principles, and a gradual withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

Zwonitzer spoke out in 2007 against a bill to prohibit Wyoming from recognizing same-sex marriages. He says he supports civil rights of all kinds, but would not be an activist on either side of the gay rights issue if he were elected to Congress.