Audubon society

6:30 pm
Tue May 13, 2014

Spring Storm Strands Migrating Birds

Eastern Warbler
Credit Klara Matusevich

The spring bird migration is underway and this week’s heavy snowfall may have left many species searching for shelter and food.

Barb Gorges is the president of the Cheyenne High Plains Audubon Society.  She says as long as the cold weather doesn’t last too long, the birds should be able to hunker down.

“A lot of the birds will just sit tight and I know in our backyard, our bushes were loaded with snow and I think they just kind of buried themselves back in there under the bushes,” Gorges says.

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eagle take
12:28 pm
Mon December 9, 2013

Feds extend duration of eagle-take permits

Over the objections of environmental groups, the federal government agreed Friday to issue eagle-take permits to wind companies for 30 years, instead of five. The permits allow companies to kill a certain number of eagles without penalty, while requiring additional mitigation and conservation measures.

Industry lobbied for the change, saying that the short permits left too much uncertainty when planning major projects.

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6:07 am
Fri December 14, 2012

Audubon Society prepares for Christmas bird count

The Audubon Society’s annual Christmas bird counts are getting underway this weekend in towns across Wyoming. The bird counts are meant to keep track of population and migration trends.

Jacelyn Downey is a naturalist with Audubon Rockies  and she says drought in the Southern U.S. in recent years has forced birds further north than usual.

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