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Basin City Arts Center - Basin

May 15, 2015
Basin City Arts Center

The Basin City Arts Center is housed in a one-time, two story building originally called the Fraternity Hall, built by donations of various lodges and individuals.  It was the building that the famous Gorman murder trial of 1902, and the trial concerning the Spring Creek Raid in 1909 occurred.  The building burnt down in 1916.  A new three story Fraternity Hall was built to replace the original.  The building was to become the Wigwam Theater, and was in use until the 1980's.

Lilac Days – Basin

May 12, 2015
Basin Republican Rustler

Basin was long ago nicknamed the Lilac City because of the large amount of lilac bushes that adorned Courthouse Square, private yards and main street. In 1978 an extremely cold winter killed off most of the bushes but the town still clung to its nick name. Since 1978 people have replanted bushes and some years the only bank in down gave out lilacs during their customer appreciation day.

Big Horn County Fair – Basin

May 1, 2015
Big Horn County Fair

Big Horn County was officially formed in 1897 and the first County Fair was held that year. At that time, Big Horn County encompassed the whole of the Big Horn Basin, including what are now Park, Washakie, and Hot Springs Counties. That first fair saw horse races, boxing matches, speeches by dignitaries from across the state, essays by school children, and exhibits of animals and farm and garden produce.

Teton Pass Kicker Race - Wilson

Apr 22, 2015
Teton Pass Kicker

Teton Pass Kicker is an endurance race weekend on the wonderful and burly trails of Teton Pass in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  This race is meant to showcase the new trails that were constructed as part of the JH Trails Project and to establish an annual event to provide consistent funding for trail construction and maintenance through Friends of Pathways.  There are two separate races; a mountain bike race and a trail running race.  

The Stagecoach Bar - Wilson

Apr 17, 2015
Jen Tennican

The Stagecoach Bar in Wilson has kept Jackson Hole fed, watered, and entertained since 1942. The historic bar is home to cowboys, hippies, and the famous Stagecoach Band, which has played every Sunday night for over 40 years. Listen to a bit of Stagecoach history on Wyoming Public Radio’s feature: From Gunshots To Good Times: Stories From The Stagecoach Bar.

Old Wilson Schoolhouse Community Center - Wilson

Apr 8, 2015
Old Wilson Schoolhouse Community Center

The Wilson Schoolhouse, located at 5255 Main Street, was built in 1930 as a two-room schoolhouse. As the community grew so did the schoolhouse, which served as an educational facility until the end of the 1998-1999 school year. When decommissioned, the school was threatened with demolition, but community members worked to preserve the core of the historic structure. The Teton County Historic Preservation Board has recognized the Old Wilson Schoolhouse as a prominent historic building. Today the facility houses a preschool and church services.

Teton Raptor Center - Wilson

Apr 2, 2015
Teton Raptor Center

Where education and conservation take flight!

Teton Raptor Center is a non-profit organization of conservation biologists, veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitators, educators, researchers and volunteers working together to help birds of prey and promote environmental health through veterinary care and rehabilitation, educational programs and conservation research. They are located at the historic Hardeman Ranch, a Jackson Hole Land Trust protected property in Wilson, Wyoming.

Gaylene Wagon

The Wyoming Women's Business Center (WWBC) promotes economic justice and equality in Wyoming.  The satellite office located in Fort Washakie serves the Wind River Indian Reservation. The WWBC ‘marketforth’ project being offered is designed for clients who create arts, crafts and fiber products who could benefit from business and marketing counseling and wish to sell their products. 

Bear Basin Adventures – Fort Washakie & Dubois

Mar 12, 2015
Bear Basin Adventures

“Imagine your own private guest ranch tucked away in the middle of Wyoming’s beautiful Absaroka Mountains. That’s what Bear Basin Adventures is offering through their Wilderness Camp Rides.”

Based out of Fort Washakie, Bear Basin Adventures takes explorers on treks to camps outside of Dubois…

“One and a half hour drive from Jackson Hole and right in the middle of the greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, the camp is in some of this country’s most beautiful and thriving wild lands. With an elevation of 8,500 feet, the camp is in the heart of the mountains and far away from it all.

What are your favorite spring break destinations in the west?

Mar 10, 2015
Aaron Kraft

What are your favorite spring break destinations in the west?

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Wind River Indian Reservation - Fort Washakie

Mar 2, 2015
Wyoming's Wind River Country

Wyoming’s Wind River Country is home to the seventh largest Indian reservation in the country. Encompassing more than 2.2 million acres, the Wind River Indian Reservation is home to the Eastern Shoshone and the Northern Arapaho tribes.

Video produced by Jackie Dorothy.

International Pedigree Sled Dog Stage Stop – Lyman

Feb 26, 2015
City of Evanston WY Planning & Development Dept.

In 1996 Frank Teasley, with the help of public nurse Jayne Ottman, launched the International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race to showcase the beautiful state of Wyoming and to make sled dog racing more accessible to the public. In addition, the race committee worked to spread the word about the need for childhood immunizations and promoting responsible dog care. Each year, the race committee makes a contribution to communities on the race route that helps with the cost of immunizations for kids.

Bridger Valley Heritage Museum - Lyman

Feb 23, 2015
Bridger Valley Heritage Museum

Bridger Valley, the Hub of the Trails West. The Bridger Valley Heritage Museum displays relics of who came, who stayed, how they lived: Homesteader, Rancher, Tie Hacks & Lumberjacks, Merchants and more.

The Bridger Valley Heritage Museum is dedicated to collecting, preserving, researching and exhibiting the history of the Bridger Valley Area.

Bridger Valley Heritage Museum
Lyman, Wyoming
100 E. Sage - 2nd Floor
Lyman Town Hall
307-787-3525                              Free Admission

Jackalope Jump – Lyman

Feb 10, 2015
Special Olympics of Wyoming


The Jackalope Jump is a unique opportunity for individuals, organizations, and businesses to support Special Olympics Wyoming athletes by gathering pledges and plunging into icy waters. Wear your favorite costume, and if it’s the best one there, you might win a prize! Anyone who is willing to jump in a cold pool to raise funds and awareness for Special Olympics Wyoming athletes is welcome to attend.

For more information visit the Jackalope Jump website .

Pioneer Trail Handcart Treks at Muddy Creek – West of Lyman

Feb 5, 2015
Pioneer Trail Handcart Treks

Nestled in the southwest corner of Wyoming you'll find a part of the Immigrant Trail that was heavily used by all, but not known to many. You will stay for two nights and three days while you walk on the original Pioneer Trail, view graves along the way, camp at the Muddy Creek, and experience the beauty of Wyoming.

For more information, visit the Pioneer Trail Handcart Treks website.

Oregon Trail Wagon Ruts – Guernsey

Jan 12, 2015
Wyoming State Parks - Guernsey

The Oregon Trail Ruts are a preserved site of wagon ruts of the Oregon Trail on the North Platte River, about .5 miles south of Guernsey, Wyoming.  The Oregon Trail was one of the primary routes used by emigrants heading westward across the American continent in the 1840s. Although many remnants of the trail can be seen in Wyoming, the Oregon Trail tracks are notable because they were cut into solid rock. Wagon wheels, draft animals, and people wore down the trail about two to six feet into a sandstone ridge here, during its heavy usage from 1841-1869.

Register Cliff – Guernsey

Jan 2, 2015
Wyoming State Parks - Guernsey

Register Cliff served as a “register” for pioneers crossing the country on the Oregon Trail. The wall, which consists of soft sandstone, made it easy for emigrants to leave signatures advising later travelers that they had made it this far. The names carved on the wall go back as far as 1847 and remain visible today. Sandstone cliffs to the east and west of Register Cliff also contain many well-preserved emigrant signatures.

Legend of Rawhide - Lusk

Dec 19, 2014
Legend of Rawhide

The Legend of Rawhide is an annual celebration of the history, legend, and Western heritage of Niobrara County.

The Legend of Rawhide is a community performance in the truest sense of the word. Each year residents of Niobrara County and surrounding communities volunteer their time, energy, and determination in service of the Legend of Rawhide pageant.

For more information, visit .

Silver Cliff Theatre Company - Lusk

Dec 5, 2014
Silver Cliff Theatre Company

Lusk’s Silver Cliff Theatre Company was founded in 2008. Its founding would not have been possible without the existing Art’s Etc. organization in Lusk with which it eventually merged. The first production held was “Anne of Green Gables.” From there, the Company has expanded to include an acapella singing group, the Silver Cliff Crooners, and an adult clogging group, the Silver Cliff Stompers.  Other shows include “Steel Magnolias”, “Fabulous Follies of 2010” and many others. The Theatre Company is run by a 7 member board.

Elkhorn Arch - Main Street Afton

Nov 24, 2014
Star Valley Chamber of Commerce

Constructed in 1958, this world’s largest arch made of over 3,000 discarded elk antlers stands about 18 feet high and spans 75 feet across Afton’s Main Street.

For more information, visit .

CallAir Museum - Afton

Nov 10, 2014
Star Valley Chamber of Commerce

Located at the Civic Center in Afton, Wyoming, the CallAir Museum commemorates the history of the Call Aircraft Factory founded in 1939 by Reuel Call. CallAir airplanes were designed, developed, and manufactured in Afton from about 1940 to 1970. A prototype airplane was designed and built from 1939 to 1943—the predecessor of the CallAir A-3 cabin plane. In the first years of the 1950s CallAir snow cars were built. By 1955 the A-3 had been converted to an agricultural spray plane—the CallAir A-5.

Lander Trail Museum – Afton

Nov 7, 2014
Star Valley Chamber of Commerce

Come relive the pioneer past in this Afton Museum. The valley's history is displayed at the Pioneer and Lander Trail museums which share the stories of those who crossed the West looking for land to settle.

Friends of a Legacy – Greybull

Nov 3, 2014
Friends of a Legacy

Friends of a Legacy, dba FOAL, is a non-profit grass roots organization concerned with the preservation and protection of the wild horse herd in McCullough Peaks.  The McCullough Peaks area is located in northwestern Wyoming in the expanse between Greybull, Cody, Lovell, and Powell.

Wyoming Public Media Photo Contest Entries – 2014

Oct 20, 2014
Shaun Peterson

Wyoming through listeners’ eyes!

Click the photo above to view the slideshow with the many entries in this year's Wyoming Public Media Photo Contest! (October 20th-October 27th)

Wyoming photos were posted in each of the categories below:

Museum of Flight and Aerial Firefighting - Greybull

Oct 7, 2014
The Greybull Museum of Flight and Aerial Firefighting

The Greybull Museum of Flight and Aerial Firefighting was started in the 1990's by Hawkins & Power's owners, Dan & Bob Hawkins and Gene and Duane Powers, in order to preserve the history of aerial firefighting.

The museum has two C-119's (Flying Box Cars) built around 1950 and a Twin Beach that have been loaned to the museum by the United States Forest Service.   There are also two PBY4Y's (Privateers) built around 1945, that have been loaned to the museum by Gene Powers & Jean Hawkins and Bob & Becky Hawkins.

Lovell-Kane Area Museum – Lovell

Sep 12, 2014
Lovell-Kane Area Museum

The Lovell-Kane Area Museum, a non-profit organization, has a collection of artifacts, records, photos, and many additional treasures for eventual display and exhibit in the town of Lovell. They are gathering support from many individuals and are excited about the prospect of housing their very own museum one day soon. They are currently housed in the Lovell Chamber of Commerce building.

Bighorn Snowkite Summit - Outside of Lovell

Sep 5, 2014
Bighorn Snowkite Summit

Never before in the United States has the announcement of a snowkite event created so much interest in so short a period of time. The idea was to host a week of snowkiting, on-snow instruction, kite demos and evening seminars at a backcountry lodge in the Big Horn Mountains of Wyoming. The brainchild of the event was a few of the Jackson Hole Kiters, a tight group of avid Ozone riders that have been progressing snowkite technique and adventures for many years.

The Brinton Museum – Big Horn

Aug 6, 2014
The Brinton Museum

The Brinton Museum invites you to experience the lifestyle of a 1920s and 30s gentleman’s working ranch. Take a guided tour of The Brinton Museum’s Main Ranch House, view the Native American Gallery and the featured art exhibitions in the gallery.  Stroll around the grounds and outbuildings including Little Goose Creek Lodge, Mr. Brinton’s hunting cabin.

Black Mountain Lookout – Big Horn

Aug 5, 2014
Black Mountain Lookout

Black Mountain Lookout is on the Bighorn National Forest 20 miles west of Sheridan and was constructed in 1939 by the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and used until the 1980’s. The lookout is an L4 or “Aladdin” design on a stone foundation.  Located on an exposed rock pinnacle the tower is in need of maintenance and repair.  The Bighorn National Forest and HistoriCorps are: re-shingling the roof, repairing the log railing and catwalk, replacing two doors, and staining the building exterior and the shutters.

Bozeman Trail Museum – Big Horn

Aug 4, 2014
Bozeman Trail Museum

Built in 1879 by the Rock Creek Stage Line, the Blacksmith Shop, now home to the Bozeman Trail Museum, originally satisfied the needs of the nearby Bozeman Trail, connecting southeastern Wyoming to Virgina City, Montana. It had been 1878 when O.P. Hanna decided to build his cabin near a clear creek, in a sheltered meadow with a magnificent view of the Big Horn Mountains. This was to be the first homestead cabin in what is now Sheridan County. By 1881, pioneer families started settling in Big Horn City, a name chose by O.P. Hanna.