birth control

6:41 pm
Wed October 16, 2013

UW scientists to start studying behavior effects of coyote birth control

Scientists at the University of Wyoming are moving forward with research into coyote contraception. The goal is to control coyotes without killing them.

Researcher Marjie MacGregor says research has shown that coyotes without babies tend to leave livestock alone. So by controlling coyote reproduction, she hopes to be able to keep livestock safe.

MacGregor says the drug they’ve developed to sterilize male coyotes seems to work, at least in the short term. And they have not noticed any side effects.

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Wild horses
6:26 pm
Wed June 5, 2013

Study finds BLM’s wild horse management practices are flawed


A study by the National Research Council finds that the BLM’s management practices for wild horses are economically unsustainable and lack scientific justification.

  The BLM removes thousands of horses from public lands each year, to maintain a certain population size. But Guy Palmer, chairman of the committee that wrote the report, says the practice is expensive – and fundamentally flawed.

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