A survey of businesses in Wyoming finds
that more than 19,000 workers lost their company child-care
benefits during the Great Recession.
     Advocates for child-care services say that is a severe blow to a
state that has worked hard over recent years to improve child-care
access as a way to help attract new jobs and workers.
     Marc Homer of the Wyoming Children's Action Alliance says it's
shortsighted for businesses to cut back on child-care benefits for
     The survey was conducted by the Wyoming Department of Workforce

Loan program meant to boost childcare businesses

Aug 5, 2011

The Wyoming Business Council and the Wyoming Women's Business Center are sponsoring a grant-funded loan program that could help licensed childcare providers improve their businesses.

Rosemany Bratton of the Wyoming Women's Business Center said she hopes the Community Development Block Grant Child Care Facility Loan Program will help participating providers fill service gaps across the state.