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The holidays are approaching and with them, high hopes for the perfect present. So here’s a story about a kid who dreamed of his perfect Christmas gift... but it was only decades later that he actually got it.

Shoppers across the nation spend billions of dollars during the holiday season, but the Wyoming Retail Association says local businesses are struggling to compete with online sales.

The Association’s Chris Brown says if an item isn’t available locally, it makes sense to order it. But he says online shopping is becoming a habit, even for things that are sold locally.

“The rural nature of Wyoming causes some folks to just naturally shift to online sales, versus stopping to think to go downtown and support their local community,” Brown said.

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The world-famous British a cappella vocal ensemble, The King’s Singers, offers a holiday favorite.

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The Gala Holiday Concert at the University of Wyoming on Saturday and Sunday feature performances by the Bel Canto Women’ Choir, Civic Chorus, Singing Statesmen, Symphony Orchestra and Wind Symphony. Orchestra director Michael Griffith previewed a portion of the concert with Wyoming Public Radio’s Micah Schweizer.