Cokeville Meadows National Wildlife Refuge

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On December 5, a man was caught with an illegally hunted wolf from the Gros Ventre range north of Jackson.

Passing hunters had seen the wolf move from an open hunting area to a closed one, then heard gunshots soon after. The group called in the tip to the Wyoming Game and Fish Department with a vehicle description. Warden Jon Stephens tracked down the offending sportsmen, whose name cannot yet be legally released by the department.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service has released a draft management plan that would allow hunting on the Cokeville-Meadows National Wildlife Refuge, in Lincoln County. 

Project leader Tom Koerner says the plan is an important step toward allowing more public access to the refuge. 

“This particular action is just specifically for hunting. We do have plans for—we’re completing the Comprehensive Conservation Plan now that will allow all six of the priority public uses to take place on Cokeville.”