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5:47 pm
Fri July 11, 2014

Booming Oil And Gas Production Taxes Pipeline Network

The "pig trap" for a pipeline at a tank farm in Guernsey, Wyoming.
Stephanie Joyce

In the first quarter of 2014, the United States surpassed both Russia and Saudi Arabia as the world’s largest oil producer. It already hit that mark for natural gas late last year. All of that oil and gas has to be transported from the fields where it’s drilled to refineries and processing plants, and most of that is done by pipeline, but the nation’s pipeline infrastructure isn’t currently up to the task.

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Single Shot Live
2:52 pm
Fri July 11, 2014

David Wiatrolik: Wishful Thinking

Micah Schweizer

Fresh off the 2014 release of ‘Dave and the Gin Mill Gypsies’, Laramie guitarist, singer, and songwriter David Wiatrolik assembles a stripped down trio (Dana Robertson, drums and Luke Woodbury, bass) to perform live at the WPM studios.

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4:58 pm
Fri June 13, 2014

Crude Oil By Rail: On The Rise In Colorado And Everywhere

Workers are in the midst of clean-up efforts at the site of a train derailment and crude oil spill located south of Greeley, Colorado on May 12, 2014.
Credit Grace Hood / KUNC

The transport of crude oil by rail has spiked dramatically in recent years. From 2012 to 2013 the amount carried by the country's major freight railroads increased nearly 75 percent, according to the American Association of Railroads.  Even though crude oil accounted for just over 1 percent of overall rail traffic last year, there's growing public concern about the potential oil spills and other hazards.

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4:08 pm
Wed June 11, 2014

Colorado Ground Zero For Political Wars Over Fracking

A screenshot of an ad by the industry-funded group Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development.
Credit Coloradans for Responsible Energy Development

Political spending both for and against potential anti-fracking ballot measures is already washing over Colorado.

Colorado is quickly becoming ground zero for a political war over the future of hydraulic fracturing. Drill operations are pushing deeper into populated areas these days and some local governments and activists are supporting ballot measures that would give communities greater control over the industry.

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Behind The Scenes
3:43 pm
Fri June 6, 2014

Colorado Bluegrass Band Thunder And Rain On Morning Music

Banjo player R.P. Oates, guitarist Erinn Lukes, and mandolin player Pete Weber pose after their live set on Morning Music.
Micah Schweizer

Golden, Colorado bluegrass band Thunder and Rain are known for their "Mountain Made Colorado Country" music. Three of the five band members, guitarist and vocalist Erinn Lukes, mandolin player Pete Weber, and banjo player and vocalist R.P. Oates stopped by Wyoming Public Media on June 6. They played a live set on Morning Music ahead of their show on June 7 in Woods Landing.

12:28 pm
Tue June 3, 2014

How Will New EPA Rules Affect You? It's Complicated

A newly announced crackdown on carbon emissions raises lots of questions.
Credit Wikimedia Commons

The Obama administration said Monday that it intends to aggressively reduce carbon-dioxide emissions, or greenhouse gas pollution, produced in the United States. To boost these ambitions, the White House will partner with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to enforce varying rules state-by-state to be carried out by power plants that produce the gases.

If successfully implemented, the regulations will deliver a 30 percent decrease in carbon emissions by 2030.

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4:42 pm
Fri May 16, 2014

Inside Energy Production And Politics

Credit Jordan Wirfs-Brock

A continuing energy boom in the Rocky Mountains and Northern Great Plains is reshaping the future of what’s powering America, and we’re launching a new reporting project to keep track of that.

Through Inside Energy, we’re teaming up with public radio and television stations in Colorado, Wyoming and North Dakota to explore the complex energy issues affecting our lives.

The three states are feeling this new energy economy differently, and it’s changing political realities in different ways.


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Single Shot Live
4:23 pm
Thu May 8, 2014

Mosey West: The King and Queen of L.A.

Credit Anna Rader

Mosey West, based in Fort Collins, Colorado, plays a song from their newest EP, ‘Bermuda.’

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9:20 am
Fri January 24, 2014

Cowgirl In A Bluegrass Band: Della Mae's Wyoming Connection

A bluegrass band with Wyoming connections will be holding its breath at the Grammy Awards on Sunday night. That’s because Della Mae’s recording ‘This World Oft Can Be’ is up for Best Bluegrass Album. Wyoming Public Radio’s Micah Schweizer reports.

MICAH SCHWEIZER: Late last year, late at night, the band was on the road in Tennessee when they heard the news. Shelby Means, who plays bass and sings harmony, says the band was packed into a van with their soundman at the wheel.

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10:28 am
Fri January 17, 2014

Representative Sue Wallis may pursue full marijuana legalization

Representative Sue Wallis has drafted a bill that would legalize medical marijuana in Wyoming. She’s even considering revising it to include recreational marijuana, as well. Wallis toured facilities in Colorado where recreational marijuana is packaged and labeled and says she was impressed with how smoothly everything is going. 

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4:18 pm
Fri September 20, 2013

Roller derby offers women of Wyoming and sports fans something new

Derby skaters, including WPR’s own “Tallulah Bankrobber” (Rebecca Martinez) line up at the start of a jam at Cheyenne’s ‘5v5’ Tournament.
Credit Chelsea Biondolillo

Modern roller derby is a contact sport that features two teams roller skating on a track, attempting to score by passing players of the opposing team. While the sport’s origins can be traced back to beginning of the 20th century, it was revived in the early 2000s in Texas…BY women and FOR women.

Since then, teams have started up all over the world. Wyoming has been a late adopter of the sport, but women here are making up for lost time.

[AMBI Sports announcer: “And she makes it through! That is a grand slam folks!]

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4:36 pm
Fri August 2, 2013

Reviving local saw mills could limit fire danger in the Rocky Mountain Region

Loggers from Saratoga Forest Management cut down Lodgepole and Ponderosa pine trees. The saw mill can use both live and beetle-killed trees to make two-by-fours.
Rebecca Martinez

Saw mills are re-opening in Wyoming and Colorado after a decade of being shuttered. They’re harvesting and processing trees that have been killed by beetle infestation.  Still, many are suitable for lumber.  Wyoming Public Radio’s Rebecca Martinez reports that this uptick in the timber business is helping with forest fire management.

(Firing up engine)

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4:17 pm
Fri August 2, 2013

Albany County authorities train together to take on an active shooter

University of Wyoming Police hosted a three-day active shooter training session in the Classroom Building. The purpose was to train law enforcement agencies from across Albany County to collaboratively handle someone who is killing, or trying to kill, people in a confined and populated area.
Credit Rebecca Martinez

Ever since the 1999 shootings at Columbine High School in Colorado, law enforcement agencies across Wyoming have been have been preparing for how they might handle an active shooter situation.  

This summer, authorities from agencies across Albany County gathered in Laramie for some high intensity training… together. Rebecca Martinez reports.

OFFICER: Come out with your hands up.

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7:58 am
Wed January 11, 2012

Wyoming's food bank to gain autonomy

Wyoming’s food bank is going to become its own entity this summer. Currently, it’s part of the Food Bank of the Rockies in Colorado, but in July it’s splitting off.

Development Manager Jamie Purcell says it's been good working with the Colorado food bank, but that that the change will be beneficial.

“Because of the restraints placed on us by our parent organization, we’re not able to expand to the level that we need to be at,” Purcell said. “But when we become autonomous, whatever our board of directors sees fit to do, we will be able to do.”

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7:16 pm
Fri November 25, 2011

Garfield County, CO supports BLM plan on oil shale

Garfield County commissioners are supporting a proposed Bureau of Land Management plan for oil shale
development in three states.

The commissioners got an early look at the BLM's alternative draft management proposal and voted unanimously to support it this week.

Commissioner Tom Jankovsky says the proposal would cut 421 square miles from the proposed 3,125 square miles
allocated for possible oil shale development in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah.

The biggest area removed would be the 182-square-mile Adobe Town area in Wyoming.