Wyoming Stories: Podcast
12:16 pm
Tue September 2, 2014

Wyoming Stories Podcast #11

Stories about getting into trouble.

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Wyoming Stories
11:12 am
Thu May 15, 2014

Wyoming Stories: An Outside Perspective On Wyoming

Gretchen Wheeler
Credit Casper College

Gretchen Wheeler grew up in Nebraska and moved to Wyoming to teach in the Communications Department at Casper College.  As a “non-native” Wyomingite, Gretchen shares her observations of the cultural differences between Wyoming and Nebraska.

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4:41 pm
Wed October 16, 2013

"Consenting Adults" Disrupting Porn Culture Without Censoring Porn

April Alliston teaches literature and gender and sexuality studies at Princeton University.  Recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship and other awards, her publications range from books on eighteenth-century women’s fiction to op-eds on Fifty Shades of Grey and Internet trolls.  He current book is Consenting Adults?  On Pornography, Privacy, and Freedom.

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8:59 am
Tue October 1, 2013

Nate Ver Burg on instigating revolutionary change in businesses

Nate Ver Burg, founder of Elevated Ideas, has an uncanny ability to see things differently.  He uses this talent to instigate revolutionary change in business by forcing companies and industries to shatter their established mindsets.  Nate’s prescient perspective is equally influential in both business and personal experiences.  He lives and works in Jackson Hole.

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Behind the Scenes
4:22 pm
Fri August 9, 2013

Coming in September: Single Shot Live

Molly Rose - guitar and lead vocals of Underhill Rose
Anna Rader

Music is just the thing to perk up your day! Single Shot Live will bring you one song recorded live at the WPM studios and the artist’s comments about the song, plus a slide-show of the performance. If you know a musician or group that you’d like to hear (and see), let us know. And if you’re a musician or group that would like to be featured, that’s right, let us know.

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