Federal Funding

Governor Matt Mead has said that he opposes expanding Medicaid services in the state, but a State Senator disagrees. 

Democrat John Hastert of Green River says he is drafting legislation to expand services, which would allow more residents to participate in the program. 

“Wyoming will save money by participating in that, so I am in favor of doing that.  Simply because I believe it will be savings to the state and a benefit to the citizens of Wyoming.”

Senator Simpson Speaks Out On Deficit

Nov 29, 2012

Former U-S Senator Alan Simpson is in Washington D-C speaking to members of Congress about his concerns surrounding the deficit. 

He told Congressional leaders that America cannot go off the fiscal cliff.

“Well it will be a disaster because the markets will then respond and those are the people that loaned us the money and they will say we can see you are dysfunctional you’ve proven that you couldn’t do a lick to sustain the solvency of the Social Security System.”

Federal Funding

Mar 9, 2012

September 24, 2012

In addition to activity in reconciling the House and Senate funding for 2015, public broadcasting (and all other agencies) are subject to sequestration.  Should these spending cuts be implemented January 2, WPM stands to lose 8.2% of its federal appropriation.   A full report on how the Administration plans to implement the sequestration can be found below. 

President Obama submitted his Fiscal Year (FY) 2013 budget to Congress.  He requested full funding – $445 million – for CPB’s FY 2015 advance.

CPB’s two-year advance appropriation, in place since 1976, serves as a “firewall” designed to protect public media’s independence.   CPB’s appropriation provides essential funding to local and national content and approximately 70 percent goes directly to stations across the country to support service to communities. 

Federal Funding

Feb 6, 2012

It’s difficult to predict the future of federal funding for public broadcasting.  If the last few years are an indicator, the future will be very bumpy.  Congress is in deficit-cutting mode, and cutting or elimination of federal funding to public broadcasting makes for an easy and high-profiled target for politicians.

Any cut in Wyoming Public Media’s federal funding is a blow.  We currently receive a yearly $280,000 grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which comprises approximately 12% of our operating budget and provides funding for key positions and services.