Reception / Off-the-Air Conditions:

12/16/14 - Dubois (91.3)

Wyoming Public Radio's Dubois signal is off the air. (91.3) WPR engineers are checking the source of signal failure.

12/6/14 - Driggs/Victor/Alta (91.7)

This signal is back on the air.

The Teton Valley site went off the air after a power failure in the area.  We are working to make repairs and get the signal back on the air now.

12/3/14 - Buffalo (90.5)

89.9 Signal In Torrington Stronger Than Ever

Mar 6, 2014
Shane Toven

Our Engineers Shane Toven, Reid Fletcher and Ben Slater were hard at work replacing our transmitter and antenna to upgrade the 89.9 signal in Torrington. It's now running at 6000 watts, up from 250 watts.

For all our listeners in the Torrington area, 89.9 should be much stronger in the region.

88.7 FM: Our Newest Frequency

Jan 3, 2014
Shane Toven

Construction of the new signal to serve Kaycee and I-25 between Casper and Buffalo is complete.  The new 1,600 watt signal can be heard in many areas where no other WPR service was previously available.  We are already receiving reports from a number of listeners about the new signal. Turn your dial to 88.7 FM if you happen to be traveling in that part of the state, or if you live in or near Kaycee.