HD Radio

Kathy Dempsey

Congratulations to our HD Radio winner, Marsha Knight, Professor of Theatre & Dance at the University of Wyoming. She took a break from this summer’s Snowy Range Dance Festival to pick up her new HD Radio she won in the year-end membership drive drawing.

Insignia HD Radio Drawing

Jun 21, 2013
Wyoming Public Media

Wyoming Public Media Fiscal Year End 2013 Membership Campaign

Wyoming Public Media is offering one drawing during the 2013 Fiscal Year End Membership Campaign. The following rules apply.

Wyoming Public Media 2013 Fiscal-Year-End Sweepstakes Rules

Wyoming Public Media will hold a drawing for an Insignia HD Radio with a retail value of $99.99.  No donation to Wyoming Public Media (WPM) is necessary to enter or win.  A donation does not increase odds of winning.  Odds are determined by the number of entries.