Heart Mountain Internment Camp

Wyoming Stories
11:44 am
Wed May 7, 2014

Wyoming Stories: How A Wyomingite Protected Japanese-Americans From WWII Internment

Phil Roberts

UW Professor of history Phil Roberts tells the story of how Thomas Boylan—the late owner and operator of The Fossil Cabin outside of Medicine Bow—protected the identity of local Japanese Americans from relocation officers during World War II.

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7:46 am
Mon July 22, 2013

At Heart Mountain reunion, Mineta appeals to youth

Norman Mineta addresses attendees of the Heart Mountain Pilgrimage near Cody.
Credit Willow Belden

At the annual Heart Mountain Pilgrimage this weekend, former Secretary of Transportation and Commerce Norman Mineta appealed to young Japanese Americans to help ensure that the rights of minorities are not violated.

Heart Mountain was one of 10 relocation centers, or camps, where Japanese Americans were confined during World War II. Mineta and his family were among those incarcerated there. He said what happened at Heart Mountain should serve as a cautionary tale to future generations.

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Open Spaces
4:19 pm
Fri July 27, 2012

Broadway-Bound Musical “Allegiance” Takes A Journey Through Heart Mountain Internment Camp


The Heart Mountain Relocation Center near Powell was one of several in the country that interned Japanese-Americans during World War II. The camp now sets the scene for a new musical called “Allegiance,” starring George Takei of Star Trek fame. The story follows the Kimura Family in the weeks after they are forced to leave their farm in Salinas, California and move to the internment camp in Wyoming. Wyoming Public Radio’s Rebecca Martinez spoke with producer Lorenzo Thione and composer Jay Kuo, who co-wrote the play , which will open in San Diego in September.