Highway funding

Wyoming's Congressional delegation says the state could receive over $500 million in abandoned mine land payments thanks to a provision in the massive federal highway spending bill

Money to clean up old, abandoned coal mines comes from current mining operations. Companies pay a fee on each ton of coal they mine which goes into the abandoned mine land fund. About half of AML money comes from Wyoming mining operations but because of a cap, the state only get a fraction of that back.  

Wyoming Department of Transportation

Do you think it is necessary to widen portions of Interstate 80 to help avoid an increase in multi-vehicle accidents?

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With federal highway funding once again facing uncertainty, Wyoming officials have already had to postpone transportation projects. Matt Laslo reports from Washington on how Wyoming’s all Republican delegation is trying to do to shore up the program.

Wyoming’s highways rank third in the nation in performance and efficiency.  That’s according to an annual highway report by the Reason Foundation, a non-profit think tank that studies public policy.  Author David Hartgen says Wyoming gets a lot less money than other states, but spends it well.

Grand Teton National Park will get almost three million dollars to extend its bike pathway as part of federal transportation grants announced today/Thursday.