HIV testing

6:47 pm
Thu March 13, 2014

Ad Campaign Will Encourage Testing

An advertising campaign will be used to try and encourage more people to get tested for H-I-V and other sexually transmitted diseases.  The Wyoming Department of Health’s KnoWyo campaign is used to encourage sexually active people to get tested for S-T-D’s.  Spokeswoman Kim Deti says the program has been effective.

“A lot of people who are infected may not realize that they are and the risk there is spreading it to other people.  And of course with public health in mind that’s something we want to prevent, we want to prevent the spread of those diseases.”

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4:35 pm
Wed April 17, 2013

Wyoming clinics offer free vouchers for STD testing via text

Human pap smear showing Chlamydia
Credit Kat M Research

It’s Wyoming’s most prevalent sexually transmitted disease. Known as the silent infection, most men and women that have Chlamydia never show any symptoms. Left untreated, the infection can eventually lead to infertility in women as well as other complications.  

Kim Deti, spokeswoman for the Wyoming Department of Health, says over 2,500 people were diagnosed with Chlamydia in the state last year—nearly 300 more than the previous year.

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9:16 am
Fri November 30, 2012

Health Dept. urges Wyomingites to get tested for STDs

Dec. 1 is World AIDS Day, and the Wyoming Department of Health is urging sexually active Wyomingites to get tested for STDs.

Epidemiologist Courtney Smith says it’s easier to contract HIV if you already have another STD.

“If people are already infected with an STD, it can cause things such as a chancre or a sore that can kind of cause a pathway for HIV to transmit through,” Smith said.

Smith says that anyone who is sexually active should get tested annually, and adds that they should also get tested any time they have a new partner.

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