House of Representatives

10:06 am
Thu February 20, 2014

Attempt To Increase Government Pay Raises Fails

The Wyoming House of Representatives has defeated an attempt to increase state, University, and Community College pay hikes from two percent to two and a half percent in each of the next two years. 

Supporters say government employees have not had a raise in four years and many are leaving.  But Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau finds that hard to believe.  Lubanu says he has lost a number of employees to government employers.

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5:56 pm
Wed January 23, 2013

WY House gives initial approval to bill that would remove power from Superintendent Hill

The Wyoming House of Representatives has given initial approval to a bill that would remove key powers from the State Superintendent of Public Instruction and give them to an appointed Education Director. 

The House debated the bill for almost two hours. Many representatives expressed concern that the legislature was taking power away from the voters and others were concerned about how quickly the legislature is moving to pass the bill. Lyman Republican Allen Jaggi says he’s heard from constituents who share those concerns.

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4:40 pm
Wed March 28, 2012

Highway Bill Remains Stalled

The U.S. House of Representatives still cannot reach an agreement on a new federal highway bill, and the Speaker of the House cancelled a vote to extend funding for transportation projects for three more years. 

If the issue is not resolved by Saturday, some members of Congress say it could lead to the cancelation of construction projects and a loss of jobs in every state. 

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7:25 am
Mon March 5, 2012

House debates education reform measure

The Wyoming House of Representatives has begun debating a major education reform measure.  The House gave initial approval to the Education Accountability Bill that is intended to improve all levels of education.   Various types of testing will be part of the process, but despite concerns by the State Superintendent and some legislators, House Education Chairman Matt Teeters says additional testing is not part of the bill. “My belief, depends on who you talk to, but my belief the amount of testing we will do, also because we are timing PAWS will actually be less,” Teeters said. Teeters says