Labor Day

Cody Concerts in the Park

Jun 21, 2012
City of Cody

The Cody Parks and Recreation Department is gearing up for another great summer of FREE live music in Cody’s downtown City Park. The Concerts in the Park expose residents and visitors to a diverse array of musical talent in an amazing outdoor venue—made even better last year with the addition of a new sound system!

Wyoming Highway Patrol

 For those of you planning a road trip this Labor Day weekend, here's a reminder to buckle up and mind the speed limit.
 Sgt. Stephen Townsend of the Wyoming Highway Patrol says troopers will be out in full-force until Tuesday.

"Yeah with the increased folks out on the road, it's just to make sure everyone has a safe weekend. We want to reduce injuries out on the highway and, most importantly, save lives."

Townsend says all troopers, with limited exceptions, will be required to work this weekend.