Laramie HIgh School

Tennessee Watson / Wyoming Public Radio

On the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High school shooting, students at Laramie High School joined young people across the country who walked out to make their voices heard on gun reform.  

Katie Kvenild was the first student in her 9th grade biology to stand up and head towards the door for the 10 am walk out. She said despite her strong commitment to her beliefs, she was still nervous.

Photo by Arundathi Nair

With the fossil fuel industry in a decline, policy makers, industry executives, and environmental activists are faced with some hard questions about Wyoming's energy future. The topic captured the attention of Arundathi Nair, a 9th grader at Laramie High School. She recently won C-Span's StudentCam 2017 competition for her film "Fossil Fuels to Renewables," which promotes seeking solutions through discussion rather than debate.

Nair's film can be viewed here.


63 percent of Albany County voters approved a 25 million dollar bond issue to add enhancements to the new Laramie High School that is scheduled to open in 2015.  The state is paying for the new school, but the bond will pay for the enhancement of an auditorium, add labs and athletic facilities.  The bond is projected to cost the owner of a $100,000 home $38 a year.  Groundbreaking for the new high school will occur this summer.

Voters in Albany County School District One will have the chance to vote on May 7th about funding for a new Laramie High School. The state has already allocated nearly $63 million for the school, and the county wants to raise an additional $25 million for enhancements like a pool, tennis courts, and a theater expansion. The money would come from increased property taxes, about three additional dollars per month for every $100,000 of property.