Legislature’s Joint Health and Labor Committee

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The Legislature’s Joint Appropriations Committee wrapped up its pre-session work on Friday and approved additional funding for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department…two percent pay hikes for state, community college, and University of Wyoming employees…and money for a number of construction projects.  Republican lawmakers call their budget conservative and forward thinking, especially since they say the revenue picture is uncertain in the future.  However, a Democratic lawmaker has concerns.  Cheyenne Representative Mary Throne is particularly upset that the J-A-C took money that was intende

A legislative committee was still trying to determine Thursday evening if it will recommend passage of a bill that will either expand Medicaid services in the state or use Federal Medicaid dollars to provide affordable insurance to low income people in the state. Senator Charles Scott says they need a bill that will get two-thirds support from both the committee and the legislature, and the votes just aren’t there. Cheyenne Representative Lee Filer said he’s surprised by the political opposition, because he mostly hears from supporters.

The Wyoming Insurance Commission says more people are starting to take advantage of the Health Insurance Exchange ever since the federal website was revamped.  Tom Hirsig told the Legislature’s Joint Health and Labor Committee that after a slow start some 5,000 Wyoming residents have received insurance through the exchange.  He says things will continue to pick up.

No action taken on Medicaid proposals

Nov 6, 2013

The Legislature’s Joint Health and Labor Committee took no action on three bills that would address expanding Medicaid Services in the state. 

The committee will vote on the legislation in January, although a pilot project that would provide Medicaid expansion on the Wind River Reservation was assigned to another committee that deals with Native American issues.