Medicaid reform

6:27 pm
Mon February 25, 2013

House finishes Medicaid reform bill

The Wyoming House of Representatives has finished its version of a massive Medicaid reform bill. 

The bill will create two tiers in the current Development Disability waiver program.  That means that people who need fewer services will not be allocated more funding then they need. 

House Labor and Health Committee Chairwoman Elaine Harvey says that change will allow more people to benefit from the program.   She says they also have made reforms to long-term care that should better help Wyoming residents. 

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6:45 pm
Thu February 21, 2013

House begins debate on Medicaid overhaul

A massive bill that attempts to reform Wyoming’s current Medicaid program was given initial approval in the State House of Representatives.  One of the goals of the bill is to establish caps on how much is spent in the developmental disability program.  What lawmakers want to do is limit spending to what’s really necessary for clients in the program.  Evansville Republican Kendall Kroeker says his son receives services from the program and only requires a minimal amount of money, so he supports the new limits.

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