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U.S. Senators Mike Enzi of Wyoming and John McCain of Arizona reintroduced the COINS Act last week, pushing to replace the dollar bill with a coin. The legislation would also create a cheaper process for producing nickels and eliminate the penny, which the treasury has said costs more than it is worth.

Proponents of these changes say they will add billions of dollars to the federal budget. Similar bills have failed in multiple recent sessions, but Press Secretary Max D’Onofrio said Enzi sees the bill as a tool to reduce the deficit.

While financial planners will discuss how to properly invest to plan for your future, Jeff Yeager says you should watch your spending right now. He holds the title as the "Ultimate Cheapskate" and is a regular on Public Radio across the country. During a recent stop in Laramie on behalf of Wyoming AARP,  he told Bob Beck that everyone can spend less.

The State Senate has killed a bill that was intended to more quickly get money to counties and communities facing the impacts of industrial development.  Opponents said that the mechanism for funding the communities took away the Joint Appropriations Committee’s ability to oversee such money.   But Senator John Schiffer argued that the current system delays funding to local government entities who need it. “This bill addresses the problem for the little towns, little communities, poorer counties, that gonna get impacted when somebody comes in and builds ...