The Wyoming House of Representatives began working on a bill that would fund a $269 million renovation of the State Capitol building and the adjacent Herschler Building. 

It would repair and modernize both buildings and enhance office space.  Some lawmakers questioned the need for the upgrade, but Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau says it is long overdue. Lubnau noted that the building features a number of hazards and limitations.

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Yellowstone National Park has begun a series of renovations on the Albright Visitor Center and Museum at Mammoth Hot Springs, near the north entrance to the park.

The building’s upgrades will include a steel frame to protect the building from the area’s seismic activity and accessibility improvements for disabled park visitors. The finished facility will also include new museum exhibits, a book store and a back-country permit office.

Park spokeswoman Amy Bartlett says that visitors will still be able to access all necessary help during construction.

The Buffalo Bill Historic Center in Cody will host a “First Look” at the museum’s reinstallation. The Buffalo Bill Museum recently wrapped up a two-year campaign, during which it raised 2-point-7-5 million dollars to cover renovations and update technology.

Executive Director Bruce Eldredge says the museum will offer updated website components, videos and smart phone apps that share additional information about objects in exhibit.

Willow Belden

The University of Wyoming Geological Museum will close on May 7 for its first significant renovation in decades.

The museum closed briefly in the summer of 2009 due to state budget cuts, drawing attention from fans of the museum from around the world. When the museum reopened in August 2009, it was with the help of private funds from the UW Foundation.

It now has an endowment fund of more than $1 million.