This week the Legislature’s Joint Revenue committee agreed to submit a bill to the legislature that would increase the gas and diesel tax by ten cents a gallon, raising the tax to 24 cents.  The money would go to the Wyoming Department of Transportation and local governments to pay for road construction.  

Due to decreases in federal funding, the legislature has been forced to find other money to pay for roads. But with the downturn in energy prices, less money will be available in the future. 

A State Senator wants Wyoming to look into why important state data is being stored in Data Centers outside the Cowboy State.   Republican John Schiffer says that while the state is heavily invested in recruiting and creating data centers, he wonders why important Wyoming data is not stored locally. 

He says two highly-regarded data centers are already located in the state.

The State Senate has killed a bill that was intended to more quickly get money to counties and communities facing the impacts of industrial development.  Opponents said that the mechanism for funding the communities took away the Joint Appropriations Committee’s ability to oversee such money.   But Senator John Schiffer argued that the current system delays funding to local government entities who need it. “This bill addresses the problem for the little towns, little communities, poorer counties, that gonna get impacted when somebody comes in and builds ...