Schools Superintendent

Next week a select investigative committee will meet to take testimony about how Schools Superintendent Cindy Hill ran the State Department of Education. The three-day hearing starts Monday in Cheyenne.

Superintendent Hill has been accused of misusing state and federal money and of mistreating employees, all charges that Hill denies. 

Committee members will take testimony on all of these topics as they determine if Hill did anything that would merit impeaching her. 

Bob Beck

State Superintendent Cindy Hill says she has grave concerns about a legislative committee that is investigating possible wrongdoing within her administration.  The Committee is following up on a report that suggested possible misuse of funds and mistreatment of employees.  Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau says they want to determine if action needs to be taken against Hill or if the issue needs to be dropped.  Hill told the committee that she did nothing wrong and suggested that there may be reasons for the accusations.

The Wyoming Attorney General's Office is urging the state Supreme Court to rule against Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill's legal challenge to the recent state law that stripped her office of many of its powers.

The AG's Office this week filed a lengthy brief with the court laying out the history of the state's education system.

The AG argues that the state Legislature originally invested the superintendent's job with many of its powers. It says the Legislature had authority to remove those same powers when it passed the law early this year.