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9:02 am
Mon July 21, 2014

Wyoming Officials Will Not Oppose Primary Fundraising For Third Parties

Credit Kim Via Flickr

The State of Wyoming will not oppose third party candidates raising money during the primary season.

Current state law says those candidates cannot raise money until after the primary.

That law was challenged in federal court last month by Jennifer Young, Secretary of State Candidate for the Constitution party.

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Open Spaces
5:00 pm
Fri July 18, 2014

Pete Illoway Is A Candidate For Secretary Of State


Pete Illoway has a background in working for both the U-S and State Department of Agriculture, Wycon Chemical Company, Coastal Chem, Inc. and the economic development operation Cheyenne Leads. He is currently a consultant and lobbyist. Illoway was a state representative from 1998 to 2012. 

During that time he chaired a committee that worked closely with the Secretary of State’s office. He joins Bob Beck.

Learn more about Pete Illoway.

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Open Spaces
5:53 pm
Fri July 11, 2014

Clark Stith Discusses His Run For Secretary Of State

Rock Springs Republican Clark Stith is one of four candidates seeking the Republican nomination for Secretary of State.  Stith practices business law and is on the Rock Springs City Council.  He is also the former chairman of the Sweetwater County Republican Party.  Stith tells Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck that one thing he’d like to do is streamline the office.

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6:59 pm
Tue April 8, 2014

Ed Murray Announces Run For Secretary Of State

A Cheyenne businessman is the fifth Republican to announce his candidacy for Secretary of State.  Ed Murray owns a real estate and investment company and wants to use his business experience to update the office of Secretary of State.  Among his goals are to make the position more business friendly.                      

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9:49 am
Tue April 1, 2014

Two More Republicans Are Running For Secretary of State

Two former legislators have announced that they will seek the Republican nomination to become Wyoming's Secretary of State.  Incumbent Max Maxfield is not seeking re-election. 

Former House Corporations Committee Chairman Pete Illoway  says he actually considered running for the office several years ago.  His committee worked closely with the Secretary of State to modernize the post.  Illoway wants to continue making it business friendly.

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5:21 pm
Fri March 21, 2014

Two Republicans Seek Secretary Of State Seat

Two Republicans plan to run for Wyoming’s soon-to-be-open Secretary of State seat.  Current Secretary Max Maxfield announced that he would not seek re-election.

The two candidates are State Representative Dan Zwonitzer of Cheyenne, and Clark Stith, a lawyer from Rock Springs.

Stith says he wants to make government smaller and more transparent.

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3:48 pm
Fri March 14, 2014

Maxfield Won't Seek 3rd Term As Secretary Of State

Wyoming Secretary of State Max Maxfield says he will not run for a third term even though he won a lawsuit before the state supreme court last year that affirms his right to do so.

Maxfield offered no explanation in making that announcement today to about a dozen people in the state Capitol. He said only that in retirement he plans to focus on his wife, Gayla, who was standing next to him.

Maxfield says he was thinking about running as recently as last week.

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3:06 pm
Wed June 12, 2013

Former Secretary of State Thyra Thomson has died

A woman who served Wyoming as Secretary of State for 24 years has died.  Thyra Thomson died Tuesday at the age of 96.

She was elected to the office in 1962, just two years after her husband Congressman and U-S Senator-elect Keith Thomson  died of a heart attack.  Thyra Thomson served until 1987.  Thomson was an advocate for comparable worth, equal pay for women and affordable day care.  During a 1993 interview for the state archive’s she noted that wage disparity was a serious issue and tried to work on it.

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4:57 pm
Fri May 31, 2013

Petition to restore powers to State Superintendent fails

The Wyoming Secretary of State’s office says a petition drive to repeal a law removing powers from the State Superintendent has fallen short. 

State Elections Director Peggy Nighswonger says she notified the Wyoming Constitution Party that the referendum will not be placed on the ballot.

“The petition filed on May 28th did not have the number of signatures required by Wyoming’s Constitution in Article 3 section 52,” Nighswonger said.

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4:37 pm
Tue April 17, 2012

Maxfield warns of Business identity theft

       Wyoming Secretary of State Max Maxfield is joining a nationwide effort to warn business owners about what is known as business identity theft. 

Maxfield says thieves have been able to take on the identity of a business by taking over businesses that are either recently dissolved or about to be dissolved.  He says thieves get the company reinstated and then change key information so that they have control of the business.

“Charging huge accounts to that business and basically causing financial ruins to the owners of the businesses.” 

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6:23 pm
Wed February 15, 2012

Wyoming To Deal With Shell Corporations

The Wyoming Senate is working on a pair of bills intended to give the Secretary of State more power and authority to deal with shell corporations. 

Those are companies without active business operations or significant assets and sometimes viewed as tax havens. 

Senator Cale Case says there are a number of loose ends the state is trying to tie up.

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