Sinclair Oil

Sinclair Oil is being fined $260,000 for safety violations at its refinery near Rawlins. These are on top of violations the company received last year, when repeated explosions and fires injured several plant workers.

The Wyoming Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, inspected the refinery after receiving a complaint about a diesel leak. OSHA’s John Ysebaert says they found that the company wasn’t adequately training its workers, and wasn’t properly labeling chemicals, among other violations.

Wyoming’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, plans to fine Sinclair Oil $155,000 dollars for a fire on May 8.

The fire at the Sinclair Refinery injured four workers, three of them critically, and OSHA is referring to the incident as a “catastrophe.”

The agency says Sinclair didn’t have proper hazard detection hardware and didn’t properly train its employees. OSHA also found that employees didn’t have adequate time or protection to complete tasks that involved ventilating chemicals into the atmosphere.

The Wyoming Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited Sinclair Oil for 11 serious violations at its refinery near Rawlins. There have been four fires at the Sinclair refinery since May, and seven workers have been injured, some critically. OSHA has completed its investigation for one of the incidents and will likely fine the company more than $60,000 for violations.

Sinclair Oil has agreed to pay a fine of $3.8 million and install pollution controls at its refineries in Casper and Rawlins, to settle a lawsuit that the Environmental Protection Agency filed.

The EPA says the refineries exceeded federal limits on various emissions.

Sheldon Muller, a lawyer with the EPA, says the Casper refinery will have to install equipment to reduce nitrous oxide emissions by 50 percent, and the Rawlins plant has make changes to its flare gas recovery system, in order to limit sulfur dioxide emissions.