State Treasurer Mark Gordon

One reason some lawmakers have backed off on their support of tax increases is that Wyoming is making a lot of money from investments.

Unrealized gains sit around $900 million and even the energy industry has had a slight uptick.

State Treasurer Mark Gordon says that it’s true, things are good. But he also tells Wyoming Public Radio’s Bob Beck that lawmakers should be careful about using investment money versus a more stable source of revenue.


The Wyoming legislature is putting finishing touches on a proposed constitutional amendment that will allow the State Treasurer to invest money in equities or common stock. The idea is to enhance non-permanent state savings accounts. State Treasurer Mark Gordon joins Wyoming Public Radio's Bob Beck to explain why this is a good idea.

State of Wyoming

Wyoming legislators will look to amend the state constitution in order to invest reserve account money in the stock market.  While there is risk associated with the move, State Treasurer Mark Gordon says that risk can be minimized with proper investing.

“Take some of those savings and invest them more broadly, into stocks not only bonds, so balancing the risks to make sure that the state’s savings actually not only return a little bit more…but are more defensibly invested.”

He says Wyoming’s investments overcame the economic downturn in the last decade.

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Incumbent Mark Gordon clinched the Republican nomination for Wyoming State Treasurer in yesterday’s primary by a wide margin. He beat out challenger Ron Redo.

Gordon was appointed Wyoming’s State Treasurer in 2012 after the death of former Treasurer Joe Meyer. Gordon says for the last two years he was obligated to carry out the promises of his predecessor.

“But now that, you know, I have a reasonably good chance of proceeding on into office it really feels a lot more like me and I’m more on the line,” said Gordon. “And that’s a good thing, I like that challenge.

Longtime Wyoming state senator John Schiffer passed away Wednesday at the age of 68. Schiffer, a Republican, had represented District 22 in Sheridan and Johnson counties since 1993. He was diagnosed with liver cancer last month.

State Treasurer Mark Gordon was Schiffer’s long-time friend and business partner. He says the state lost one its best advocates.

“Completely selfless, wanted to make sure the best thing for Wyoming would happen," Gordon says. "It didn’t matter if he got the credit.”

Feds will grab state mineral royalty money

Mar 26, 2013

The federal government has told the state of Wyoming that it will deduct 53 million dollars from the state’s share of federal mineral royalties between now and July as part of the federal sequester.  The government says it may remove more money at a later date.              

Wyoming is guaranteed 50 percent of the revenues from mineral leasing on federal lands in the state and state officials believe that the money cannot be tampered with.  State Treasurer Mark Gordon says the state is pursuing all avenues to get the money back.     

State well positioned with investments

Dec 18, 2012

Wyoming’s investment portfolio should allow it to survive the looming fiscal cliff and international financial problems. 

Gordon says former Treasurer Joe Meyer and others have done a good job of diversifying Wyoming’s portfolio.  He says that has allowed the state to make significant amount money through investments.                  

"We have a very, very diversified approach and portfolio.  That puts the investment picture, which is the third most important component of Wyoming’s revenue stream…it kind of puts it in good stead. "

State Treasurer Mark Gordon took over his new duties a few weeks ago, following the death of Joe Meyer. Gordon has an extensive background on issues involving finances to state lands.  He tells us that Wyoming’s portfolio looks good.