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During the month of May, Wyoming Public Media featured Sheridan on its ‘Best of Wyoming’ page. You are welcome to glance at the summaries below and follow the links to snapshots of the many innovative organizations in Sheridan:

Wyoming Wilderness Association
Thu May 31, 2012
By Carolyn Schroth
The Wyoming Wilderness Association (WWA) is a non-governmental, not-for-profit organization first created in 1979 by a group of wilderness advocates and outdoors people who envisioned the Wyoming Wilderness Act.  Headquartered in Sheridan, WWA has offices in Jackson, Dubois and Lander as well.

Credit Wyoming Wilderness Association

In 1984, the passage of the Wyoming Wilderness Act brought to all Americans the permanent protection of an additional 1.1 million acres of ecologically diverse, wild country.
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Credit Big West Art Festival

Big West Arts Festival – Sheridan NWCCD
Mon May 21, 2012
By Big West Arts Festival

The Big West Arts Festival celebrates its seventh year as a large cultural event at the Sheridan College campus in Sheridan, Wyoming.  Its site is nestled in the valley with the dramatic Big Horn Mountains to the west and the spacious, wide-open plains to the east.  Sheridan lies midway between the Black Hills of South Dakota and Yellowstone National Park.

Explore the Past. Discover the West. Experience History at the Sheridan County Museum
Fri May 11, 2012
By Sheridan County Museum

Located in the shadow of the Bighorn Mountains, the Sheridan County Museum interprets a regional perspective on the history of the American West. The Museum’s exhibits investigate the culture, industry, communities, agriculture, and geography that shaped the region’s rich historic and cultural heritage. Throughout the Museum’s exhibit gallery, visitors have the opportunity to experience history through artifacts, historic photographs, maps, and interactive exhibits.
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New Program & SUMMER FILM SERIES Will Help Grow Ag@Sheridan College
Mon May 7, 2012
By Connie Fisk

Sheridan College students have an exciting new opportunity to study sustainable food systems this fall.  This program and several new courses were developed by Connie Fisk, a new faculty member at Sheridan College.  The Sheridan College Ag Department programs fall into three categories: transfer programs that will prepare students to successfully pursue bachelor’s degrees, two-year applied degrees that prepare them for careers in agriculture, and certificates that can enhance any of the college’s degree programs or be used to provide a job-advantage in the agriculture and science fields. 

Credit Sheridan, WY Travel and Tourism

Hang Gliders Fly-In
THU MAY 3, 2012
Credit Sheridan, WY Travel and Tourism
By Sheridan Travel & Tourism

Dubbed hang gliding “heaven,” the little town of Dayton, west of Sheridan, Wyo., and on the eastern edge of the Bighorn Mountains is home to some of the best thermals in the northern Rockies. The conditions here allow hang gliders to stay airborne longer and go higher.

The new Hang Glider Fly-In Festivals events are scheduled Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend.

Photos provided by Sheridan, WY Travel and Tourism
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WYO Theater
Wed May 2, 2012
By Sheridan’s WYO Theater

When the WYO Theater opened in 1923 as the Lotus, newspaper headlines proclaimed it "Wyoming's Wonder Picture Palace!" Entering the theater through an arched brick and stone exterior lobby, the opening night capacity crowd was greeted by canaries warbling in cages suspended above the live flower gardens that flanked the stage. Pompeian-red wall panels, their borders decorated with striking fantastic birds in bright colors, pilasters and beams stenciled in Oriental designs, multicolored lighting effects, and lighted tanks of tropical fish all contributed to the exotic atmosphere of the Lotus.

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Sheridan Artists’ Guild, Et Al.
Tue May 1, 2012
By Sheridan Artists’ Guild, Et Al.

History of SAGE

The original Sheridan Artists’ Guild (SAG) was established over 30 years ago as a small organization for Sheridan area artists. This guild served mainly as a social venue for the members and was loosely organized. In 2003 the guild had dwindled to less than 20 members. In July, 2005 the guild reorganized and was renamed the Sheridan Artists’ Guild, et al (SAGE). The organization has also received federal non-profit status and has grown to over 150 members.
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