How To Listen: Radio & Online

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Listen to our four streams

  • Wyoming Public Radio
  • Classical Wyoming
  • Wyoming Sounds
  • Jazz Wyoming


Click on the blue "Listen Live" button in the top right corner of our website and choose a stream. A player will pop-up in a new browser window or tab.


*If you're using Firefox and are unable to see the "Listen Live" button or the menu your browser’s security and tracking protection may be blocking the stream. If you look within the URL bar, you should see a shield symbol in it. If you click on that, it will ask if you want to get out of the browser security. Once that has been turned off, you hopefully should be able to see the "Listen Live" button. For the time being, please use Chrome or Safari as your preferred browser.

*Updated Firefox has tracking protection automatically turned on. Turn off Tracking Protection, and cookies are then enabled. Go to a new Private Browsing window, and turn that toggle switch to off. And you should then be all set!

If you click on any of our "Listen" links and you get an error, these can often be solved by clearing your cacheOr, you may need to update your web browser to the latest version.


WPR Frequencies and HD Channels


Below is a listing of frequencies where our FM Stations are throughout Wyoming. If you have an HD radio, you can listen to Wyoming Public Radio on HD-1, Classical Wyoming on HD-2 and Wyoming Sounds on HD-3. If your city does not offer Classical or Jazz Wyoming, all cities can listen to our three channels online through our website's live stream.










HD Radio

Wyoming Public Media offers listeners a variety of ways to listen to Wyoming Public Radio, Classical Wyoming and Wyoming Sounds. You can listen to Wyoming Public Radio on analog (broadcasting in regular radio) and in some locations throughout Wyoming, on HD Radio (broadcasting in both digital AND analog signal at the same time.)


What is HD Radio?

Alternate Streaming Methods


We provide a few different alternate methods for streaming outside of the web browser. All four of our channels (Wyoming Public Radio, Classical Wyoming, Wyoming Sounds, and Jazz Wyoming, ) can be played in Windows Media player or other players compatible with streaming MP3 such as VLC Media Player, Real Audio Player or iTunes. Simply click on the links below and choose your media player of choice. Or copy and paste the linked URLs down below into your MP3 player.

Wyoming Public Radio:

Classical Wyoming:

Wyoming Sounds:

Jazz Wyoming:


Free Mobile App for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle

Find out more and download the app here.

Listen to Wyoming Public Radio anywhere with the Public Radio Mobile App. Our app allows you to pause and rewind live audio, as well as view the program schedule for Wyoming Public Radio, Classical Wyoming, Wyoming Sounds, and Jazz Wyoming. 

Wyoming Public Radio on Apple Music 

We're now available for streaming in Apple Music! Get the local news and programs that matter to you -- wherever you are, whenever you'd like -- in iTunes. To find our stream in iTunes, type Wyoming Pub. Radio into the search field, and "add" our station to your personal "My Stations" list for future listening.





Digital Radio and Internet Radio Site TuneIn


You can also listen to WPR anywhere in the state with Internet Radio where Internet signals are available. You can listen to Wyoming Public Radio, Classical Wyoming, Wyoming Sounds, and Jazz Wyoming



More information on Digital Radio



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