Laramie, Wyoming – A judge in El Paso, Texas, today (Monday)
denied bail for a Wyoming college student accused of planning to
fight with and supply a Somalian terrorist group.
Nineteen-year-old Mark Robert Walker of Rochester, New York, is
charged with attempting or conspiring to contribute goods or
services to a specially designated global terrorist organization.
Walker, who attended Wyoming Technical Institute in Laramie, is
accused of planning to fight with and supply night vision goggles
and bulletproof vests to a terrorist group.

Cheyenne, Wy – Records show that candidates for the state legislature spent about 420 thousand dollars during the general election.

Wyoming –

Topic: The University of Wyoming and seven Community Colleges are looking at developing better programs for dealing with underage drinking and excessive alcohol use; Guest: Eric Alexander, AWARE coordinator.

Topic: Renny Mackay reports on the campaign finance reporting.

Topic: Renny Mackay speaks with Collin Simpson about the passage of the constitutional amendment C.

Cody, WY – The medical errors review panel voters approved by supporting Amendment C will take form over the next two months. Joint Judiciary Committee Co-chairman Colin Simpson says it could be smilar to a panel that existed in the 1980's to weed out frivolous malpactice cases. Simpson says he definitely wants to stay away from running a mini-trial with that panel. The old panel had two doctors, two lawyers and a lay person deciding the cases. Simpson says he'd like to hear from those that were on the panel or those that had worked with the panel to gather their opinions.

Lander, WY – An interim legislative committee has amended a split-estate bill by giving stronger standing to landowners who don't have title to the mineral rights below their land. The Joint Judiciary Committee took the action Friday in Lander despite warnings from members of another legislative committee not to make changes to the delicately crafted bill. Under the measure, oil and gas comapnies would have to notify surface owners of what they're going to do on the land and when they're going to to do it. There are no such legal requirements in Wyoming to do that at present.

Laramie, WY – The University of Wyoming made two critical turnovers early and never made a game of it afer that as Utah hammered the Cowboys 45 to 28. Wyoming scored two douchdowns with under a minute to play to make the score appear respectable, but the Utes took it to the Pokes early. Wyoming defensive end Aaron Robbins says his team got into a hole and never got out. He says Utah is easily the best team the Cowboys have faced all year. But he's turned his attention toward New Mexico, knowing that a win guarantees the Cowboys a bowl game.

Riverton, Wy – The state legislature is again trying to help ranchers that have oil or gas under the land, but do not own the rights to it. But following a legislative committee meeting, the bill may have lost some support. Lawmakers voted down a plan to offer protections to land owners last session. Since then a group of representatives from the oil and gas industry, government and land owners met to come up with an alternative. There was some consensus-- but after changes by the legislature's judiciary committee support waned.

Riverton, Wy – Northern Arapaho officials believe an
agreement is near with the Interior Department on issuing a
high-stakes gambling license for a new tribal casino.
The Tribe is building a new casino near Riverton.
The Select Committee on Tribal Relations received a briefing on
the casino this week.
Consultant Mark Howell says he believes agreement is near with
the Secretary of the Interior on the issuance of the federal
permission for gambling at the site.

Cheyenne, WY – Testing has confirmed a second brucellosis-infected cattle herd in Teton County. It appears this infection spread from one cattle herd to another. This summer a single cow in Teton County was discovered with brucellosis. Now at least two and possibly four cows from a neighboring herd have tested positive. This is the fourth Wyoming cattle herd where brucellosis has been found in the last year. Oldham says testing shows the type of brucellosis in the second herd matches what was found in the case this summer.

Wyoming –

Topic: The Wyoming Heritage Foundation will host its 22nd Annual Public Forum in Casper "How are the Children?"; Guest: Bill Schilling, Executive Director of the Foundation.

Topic: Weekly Wyoming Reporters Roundtable

Riverton, Wyoming – The Director of the Department of Corrections says he is very aware of the fact that people in Riverton that do not want a medium security prison built in Fremont County. The department is in the process of choosing a site to build the new prison and have narrowed their choices to Riverton, Rawlins and Torrington.

Laramie, Wy – Later this month A-B-C's 20/20 program will air a story on the murder of Matthew Shepard where it will contend that it may not have been a hate crime. But the lead investigator in the case strongly disagrees. Laramie's underground world of methamphetamine could have contributed to the crime and that it was really a mugging gone wrong. But the lead investigator in the case, Lieutenant Rob Debree of the Albany County Sheriffs department, says both McKinney and Henderson told him that Shepard gave up his wallet right away.

Laramie, Wy – Interest is growing for the University of Wyoming's new Golf Course expansion project. U-W officials announced that around 140 people have expressed interest in lots, without much advertising. They've also been given more land for the project and have been able to determine that the site won't have a negative impact on Laramie's water supply. U-W President Phil Dubois told trustees that the project can make money for the University and enhance Laramie's economy. But it will not take away from U-W's mission.

Cheyenne, WY – The Bush Administration's support of clean coal technology and coal, in general, resulted in an immediate jump in coal company stocks after the President's re-election. Wyoming contributes 30% of the country's total coal production, so the industry here is also looking forward to the next four years. Wyoming Mining Association President Marion Loomis says experts are predicting production increases in the state. He thinks the favorable environment for coal could also mean new mines starting up.

Wyoming –

Topic: Later this month A-B-C's 20/20 program will air a story on the murder of Matthew Shepard where it will contend that it may not have been a hate crime; Guest: Lieutenant Rob Debree of the Albany County Sheriffs department.

Topic: Aaron Alpern speaks with Northern Arapahoe member who was recently elected to the Wyoming Legislature, Patrick Goggles.

Topic: Renny Mackay speaks with the Director of Blue Sun Bio-Diesel, John Long, about the state of a new energy source.

Cheyenne, Wy – While the state is making nearly 800 million dollars in revenue, the state is actually only able to pay its bills with money it made years earlier. The appropriations committee was told that carry over money---money that was saved from previous years is actually the money legislators are using to balance the budget. State Senator John Schiffer says that means that state revenues are not enough.

Laramie, Wy – The Bureau of Land Management has agreed to allow a company to drill on the Pinedale Anticline through the winter. Questar made a proposal to the B-L-M saying it would use several different techniques to cut down on the impact in the area all year round in exchange for the opportunity to drill during the winter. This is an issue because the Anticline is crucial winter habitat for deer and antelope.

Cheyenne, Wy – The Joint Appropriations committee has agreed to a slight adjustment in school salaries and will consider a proposal from the Superintendent of Public Instruction later. Trent Blankenship wants teachers to get a five thousand dollar pay hike, but the committee increased educators salaries by two point three percent. But they based the increase on cost of living data. This concerns Senator Jayne Mockler of Cheyenne who notes that Wyoming's cost of living increase is closer to five percent

Laramie, Wy – The city of Rawlins is offering water, sewer and landfill service to the Department of Corrections in exchange for inmate labor around the community.
The proposal would save the state an estimated 200-thousand dollars a year in utility costs.
The idea has been submitted as part of Rawlins' bid to get a medium-security prison built alongside the existing State Penitentiary.
Under the proposal, inmates would work on landscaping, weed control, housing rehabilitation and general property maintenance.

Wyoming –

Topic: Bob Beck speaks with Senator John Schiffer about the money that was saved from previous years is actually money legislators are using to balance the budget.

Topic: The Bureau of Land Management has agreed to allow a company to drill through the winter; Guest: B-L-M's Carol Kruse.

Topic: Bob Becks speaks with Ann Marie Hart from the UW School of Nursing and Marcy Newell, Laramie Nurse Practitioner about nursing.


Laramie, Wy – A statewide survey shows that nearly 70 percent of all restaurants in the state are smoke free compared to 46 percent in 2000. Park, Big Horn and Teton counties all exceed 80 percent while Weston county reports only 32 percent of its restaurants are smoke free. The Wyoming Survey and Analysis Center released the information. Assistant Research Scientist Marc Homer says that 91 percent of smoke Free restaurants are located in Teton County.


Billings, Mt – Environmental groups have filed a lawsuit
over National Park Service plans to allow snowmobiles in
Yellowstone National Park for the next three winters.
The groups say the government ignored the effect that roads
groomed for snow machines have on wildlife, particularly bison.
The complaint brought by The Fund for Animals, Bluewater Network
and three individuals names Interior Secretary Gale Norton and Park
Service Director Fran Mainella as defendants. The lawsuit was filed

ElPaso, Texas – Nineteen-year-old Mark Robert Walker of Rochester, New York, was
nabbed while crossing into El Paso from Mexico.
He faces a detention hearing Friday in El Paso.
Walker is charged with providing support or resources to a
foreign terrorist organization.
If convicted, Walker faces a maximum sentence of 15 years in
Walker was apprehended Saturday by a U-S agent -- based on an
alert describing him and his car.
The feds were made aware of Walker after his roommate at Wyoming

Laramie, Wy – So, far in Wyoming there has only been one reported case of the flu. That's the word of Department of Health epidemiologist, Nicole Lindsey. She says they still do not have any indication of when the flu season will begin in earnest in Wyoming because influenza is so unpredictable; sometimes starting early in the winter and other times not until February.

Laramie, Wy – The current Speaker of the House says the legislature's Tribal Relations committee had to mend some fences during a meeting in Lander this week. Fred Parady says that's due to the fact that the governor's tough language in dealing with the Northern Arapaho tribe. He says that's probably due to the fact that the governor is a prosecutor and is used to speaking in strong language, but Parady says that is not advancing common understanding.

Wyoming –

Topic: Bob Beck speaks with Gary McDowell, Head of the Wyoming Education Association about the change in education over the years.

Topic: Bob Beck speaks with Dudley Gardner, History Professor from Western Wyoming Community College about a presentation he will be making in Cheyenne on diversity.

Topic: Renny Mackay speaks with Stefan Bergill, Chief Organic Officer for the clothing company Patagonia about a presentation at the Teton County Library.

Laramie, Wy –
Some environmental groups have intervened in a lawsuit filed by agriculture and outfitter organizations concerning Wyoming's wolf management plan. The state has also sued the federal government who rejected the states plan for managing wolves because the Department of Interior is concerned that too many wolves could be killed if they wandered outside of a boundry surrounding the national parks. Among those intervening is the Wyoming Chapter of the Sierra Club. Director Steve Thomas says the state simply needs a new plan.

Pinedale, Wy –
A legislative committee will go forward with a plan to set up a Wildlife Habitat fund. The committee looked at three bills, including one by the Governor and will try and meld the three together. House Recreation, Parks and Natural Resources Chairman Mike Baker says it is something that has been tried in the past and seems to be gaining momentum this year.

Laramie, Wy – The U-S Department of Justice has released figures showing that the number of people in Wyoming prisons increased by nearly eight percent in 2003. The actual increase in the number of prisoners is up by almost 150.

Cheyenne, WY – Governor Dave Freudenthal believes the legislature revisit the idea of a Rainy Day Account. Lawmakers formed such an account during the revenue boom of the 1970's. Freudenthal says such a fund makes more sense then putting money into the Permanent Mineral Trust Fund. He says that fund has $270-300 Million going into it by viture of how the state consitution works. Freudenthal thinks the good revenue times will eventually end and the state should have a fund to draw on then for needed operating revenue.