Alternative Schools Bill Passes Wyoming Senate

Feb 27, 2014

A bill that would make it easier for alternative schools to be created across the state has received final approval by the Wyoming Senate.  Alternative schools, such as charter schools, attempt to address the special needs of students that may not be successful in more traditional schools.  Under current Wyoming law, it is very difficult to create alternative schools.  The bill will change that.

Casper Senator Bill Landen says the bill will help address Wyoming’s high dropout rate.  “I think it’s an appropriate bill at this time,” he says.  “I’m glad that it’s moving through, and I think it gives the districts an opportunity to take care of students who might not be able to thrive in a traditional environment.  Gives them an opportunity to get to an environment that caters a little bit better to their needs and addresses a huge dropout issue that we have here in Wyoming.”

The bill sets up an evaluation of the schools, so that school districts can see how effective they are.