AML spending plan becomes law

Mar 8, 2012

The Governor has signed into law a massive bill that spends millions of dollars in Abandoned Mine Land money on a variety of building projects across the state.  A large portion of the money will be directed towards the University of Wyoming. 

Senate Appropriations Chairman Phil Nicholas says that the bill will provide money for some important projects in the state.

“These AML funds are critical to us and I think Wyoming stands to gain a lot by being the world’s leading energy producer, but we also have huge impacts and these AML funds are really important to us to make sure we handle those impacts.  And I think the bill does a good job at addressing those issues.”

House Appropriations Chair Rosie Berger says they are enriching the state with AML dollars.  

Governor Mead praised lawmakers for putting AML dollars into a separate bill because it gave citizens a better idea of how the state is spending that money.