Attorney General pushes for regulations on electronic cigarettes

Oct 4, 2013

An e-cigarette designed to resemble a regular cigarette.
Credit Jakemaheu / Wikimedia

Wyoming’s Attorney General recently advocated for new regulation of electronic cigarettes in a letter sent to the Food and Drug Administration. No federal regulations currently exist for electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes, or e-cigs, are personal vaporizer devices that heat a flavored nicotine solution which the user then inhales.

 Clyde Hutchins of the state Attorney General’s office says Wyoming already prohibits the sale of e-cigs to minors.

He says more people are turning to the product, however.

“It’s becoming a huge segment of the smoking population,” Says Hutchins “E-cigarette use was doubling, now it’s more than doubling amongst smokers of all ages.”

Hutchins also says that the addictive nicotine in e-cigs could act as a bridge for younger users to try traditional cigarettes and other tobacco products.

39 other states have also written the F.D.A expressing support for the regulations. The Food and Drug Administration is expected to release new regulations this month.