Author speaks to UW

Apr 16, 2013

While many express views on what the founding fathers of the United States intended in documents such as the constitution, few have the expertise to weigh in on that topic like noted historian and author David McCullough. 

McCullough has authored books on 1776 and former President John Adams.  Following a speech at the University of Wyoming, McCullough told Wyoming Public Radio that it’s hard to pin a specific point of view on the founding fathers.

“The forefathers thinking was all over the lot, say in matters of religion, there was every variety of devout Christians, agnostics, atheists, there is no one thought.  Except their general belief that a government…a country governed by the people… or representatives of the people was possible.”

McCullough says some of the founding fathers had their doubts about how long the U-S system of government would last…but he says the motivation to make it work was very high.