Bill Redraws Districts, Protects Meiers Seat

Feb 28, 2012

The State Senate has given initial approval to a bill that redraws legislative districts.  The House of Representatives added an amendment to the redistricting measure that protected the seat of Senator Curt Meier.  This fall a joint committee told Meier his Senate seat would be combined with one in Laramie County and he’d have to run against Senator Wayne Johnson in order to keep his seat. 

However,Corporations Committee Chairman Cale Case said the amendment did not sit well with him and he asked the Senate to vote it down.  But Casper Senator Charles Scott liked the amendment because it preserves a Goshen County lawmaker.

“It gives you a better representation and for that reason the version that came from the house is probably a superior version and I think we ought to sustain it,” said Scott.

Senator Ogden Driskill of Devils Tower expressed concern over how districts were redrawn in northeast Wyoming and may bring an amendment to try and resolve the issue.  The bill will be debated two more times.