Bill would encourage companies to make workplaces safer

Feb 27, 2012

A measure intended to increase workplace safety is making its way through the Wyoming House of Representatives.  The bill is intended to encourage companies to contact OSHA to determine if they're doing what they can to ensure workplace safety.  Grants will be provided to help companies implement safety programs and buy necessary equipment.   Cheyenne Democrat Mary Throne had wanted stiffer penalties to ensure compliance, but she is hopeful that this approach will work. “I certainly think we need to provide more resources to employers and to OSHA to help those folks who want to engage in the consultation process," Throne said. "And hopefully it will work and if it does, maybe I am wrong about the need for higher penalties.  If it doesn’t, then I really think we need to look at the enforcement side of the equation.” Wyoming ranked among the top two in the nation in workplace fatalities in eight of the last nine years.