BLM And Citizens' Group Plan To Clean Up Rogers Canyon

Jun 10, 2014

Photo by Teri Lund

Rogers Canyon north of Laramie has long been a favorite destination for cyclists. But also for off-road vehicle riders, gun enthusiasts and people with a trunk full of garbage unwilling to pay the dump fee.  Conflicts between the groups have been mounting, and the Bureau of Land Management wants to set new guidelines to make the area safer and cleaner.  

The Rogers Canyon Coalition is working with the BLM to find a solution.  Coalition member Teri Lund says they’ve come up with a few ideas.

"[There will be] restricted trailheads that would not allow an off-road vehicle.  Some picnic tables are proposed to be placed out there.  And around each of these man-made structures there’s a certain perimeter within which shooting would be restricted."

Lund says kiosks will be posted with the new rules, fences will be built to keep from further degrading ranching and wildlife areas, and the Albany County sheriff's office has been authorized to enforce BLM regulations.  

The proposals will be presented to the public June 25 at the Laramie Fire Station at 5 p.m.