BLM Seeks Input On Pinedale Anticline Reclamation

Nov 3, 2011

The Bureau of Land Management wants public input about how to reclaim land in the Pinedale Anticline that has been disrupted by energy development projects.

Next month, the BLM’s Pinedale Anticline Working Group – or PAWG –will discuss developers’ plans for improving air quality in the area by their March deadline. Members will also brainstorm for ways to reclaim disrupted mule deer habitat in the area.

Shane DeForest is the Pinedale Field Manager for the BLM. He says there’s a lot to consider in land restoration, including plant species, size and location.

"It’s not uncommon for it to take many years before you can recover the plants on that disturbed area," says DeForest. So, rather than seeding and then waiting for them to grow up, maybe within those disturbed areas, planting older plants from Containers. And by doing that you could bring the habitat back to its original productive state quicker."

DeForest says there will be points throughout the meeting for public comment. The B-L-M is also accepting nominations for two new members of the Pinedale Anticline Working Group.

PAWG will meet at 9 a.m. November 8th at the Sublette County Library.