Charlie Hardy Announces Bid For U.S. Senate 2

Jan 24, 2014

Cheyenne-native and retired priest Charlie Hardy has announced his bid to run in the 2014 U.S. Senate race against incumbent Senator Mike Enzi.  Hardy says he feels compelled to run because he wants to bring some of Wyoming’s values—like cooperation and respect—out to Washington.   He says his opponent hasn’t done such a good job of representing Wyoming’s values.

“He is a very nice person, very pleasant person,” he says.  “But if you look at the voting record, I think there’s been some voting that hasn’t been very nice and hasn’t really served the people of Wyoming.”

Charlie Hardy ran for the House in 2012 as an independent.  But he fell 500 signatures short of the nearly 4000 signatures required to put him on the ballot.  As a Democrat, Hardy has already raised $5,000 in campaign contributions.  But this is nothing close to the roughly one million dollars that Enzi has to spend.  

Hardy says he plans to make up for a lack of money by proposing solutions that Wyomingites can respond to.  Two issues he holds dear are getting everyone in the state quality health insurance, and raising the minimum wage.